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Poster: LAJ Date: Jan 23, 2005 6:15am
Forum: netlabels Subject: <b>Favorite UNBANNERED Labels: Sampler (with stream)</b>

What the UNBANNERED netlabels might be lacking in quantity is more than compensated for in quality. These are the labels where I spend most of my time listening and downloading. An astonishing variety of genres are available so there’s something to suit nearly all tastes. For each label I’ve included two or three mp3s that I hope will accurately represent some of what that label has to offer. For the unbannered labels not mentioned, it’s only because I’m still slowly exploring what the archive has to offer. [M3U stream attached] AUTOPLATE 833-45 - Solar Cycle 23 LP [apl004] [APL028] Lomov - Holzwege AUTRES DIRECTIONS various artists / the noise & the city 2lp [moulin008 ] dudley - seasonal lp [moulin002] BEDROOM BRAIN Edwin Morris - The Heart Bowed Down [BB015] Iversen - Ten Times Me [BB006] BROQUE brq03] Mike Breitfeld - Landflucht EP COMATRONIC Dataman - Noetik Pt.2 - [COM07] Joko13 - Salami Tactics - [COM10] CONV Kenneth Kirschner - january 2, 1999 et al. [cnv 05] ulie Rousse - des restes humains .ep [cnv 11] DREAMLAND dlnet009] - Mystified - Transient dlnet025] - Heath Yonaites - Half To Forget Half To Remember EARLabs Dale Lloyd - Enabling Articulate Fields [lm04] Formatt - Exemn [lm08] EMBRYO EMB011 - A Beautiful Machine - Solar Winds, White Noise, Antigravity EMB003 - HALO - Massive Corporate Disease ENTITY Ellende - Sleepsoup [NTT003] Erratic - Activation Fields [NTT018] FUKK GOD Winquist Virtanen - Prelude to Nothing EP [Fukk God 005] Pablo Reche - Navegacion [Fukk God 016] HEAVY INDUSTRIES Simex - Journey to Kerguelen [hi006] Emilsson - Another [hi009] DISQUES HUSHHUSH Vromb - Mémoires paramoléculaires CD [HSH14] Xingu Hill - Fiction [VAULT08] (CD/12") LEGOEGO tekdev69 - Warsaw Soul [ego005] atlon inc. - airport [ego004] LIFEFORM PROJECT Brian Montero - Country Life EP (lp001) Genetic - Leighf EP (lp009) MONOHM monohm001 | monohm | neon ep monohm008 | markus brösel | serif ep NO TYPE: ANNEX Erick Dorion - Acariens [nta011] A_dontigny - Electromagressive Butoh [ad01] ONE randomajestiq - deepmove mode ep - [one03] Emil Klotzsch - Sandkorn - [one017] PANOSPRIA Aidan Baker - Tense Surfaces [pan009] Nuthre - Vis de mechanique [pan003] PHONOCAKE Rydox - Clear [phoke11] Trans Alp - Speicher [phoke23] REALAUDIO Lomov - Jazzant [raam002] Martin Donath - Kalte Tage In Warmen Farben [ratc006] RONIN COLLECTIVE Blisaed - Luster Heart [RC016] Eftexem - No name ep [RC021] SINERGY LOD + SILENCE - Guell - SN001 FABEL + KIMBERLY KLARK - sound sketches - SN010 SINE FICTION Kevin M Krebs - Sine Fiction vol. VII) The Soft Machine [sine007] Mystified - Sine Fiction vol. XII) Deus Irae [sine012] Maciek Szymczuk - Sine Fiction vol. XI) Terminus [sine011] STADTGRUEN Krill.Minima - Borkenkaefer [gruen006] Monoide - Crispy Brown Rolls [stadt007] SURFACES Farid Aliyev - Ten 1.0 (From One To Zero) [srfc005] V/A - Surfaces [srfc001] SUTEMOS Various Artists - Flow.ers (Sutemos008) Various Artists - Intelligent Toys (Sutemos002) TESTTUBE Kenneth Kirschner - June 18, 1995 et al. [tube003] Ubeboet - Bleak EP [tube007] TEXTONE Theodor Zox - temp.light EP [txtn005] Peter F. Spiess - Rheinpark Liebe EP [txtn006] Jambi - Berlin Nights EP [txtn019] URAN97 Sektor - Tumnina EP [uran97 021] v/a - minneapolis ep [uran97 #014]
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Poster: squarecubed Date: Jan 24, 2005 5:24am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: <b>Favorite UNBANNERED Labels: Sampler (with stream)</b>

Yeah...this is a great post. Obviously a lot of work went into putting this together. Thanks.

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Poster: Test Tube Date: Jan 25, 2005 8:56am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: <b>Favorite UNBANNERED Labels: Sampler (with stream)</b>

Great, LAJ. :)

Peace, man.

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Poster: mystified Date: Jan 23, 2005 9:49am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: <b>Favorite UNBANNERED Labels: Sampler (with stream)</b>

Great work man!